From the Pastor’s Desk

Seeing Jesus on the Ski Slope

January 14, 2014
One of the blessings (and maybe pitfalls) of being a pastor is that I’m always looking for sermon illustrations in every day life. The blessing is that constantly I try to be aware of what God is doing around me. The drawback might be that I have a family that I need to be paying attention to instead of always thinking about the sermon I’m preparing. [more…]


A Litmus Test For Christian Living
by Lloyd C. Allen, June 23, 2014
As I approach the 87th year of my pilgrimage on planet Earth, I find myself still trying to sort the myriad surge of emotions I experience as I encounter yet another form of adversity, and what seems to be the never ending variety of changes in life circumstances. I puzzle over which emotions are godly. Which emotions are destructive and self serving? This is not an easy task, and trying to identify and untangle my emotions is difficult and full of pitfalls. [more…]

Giving to the Church
by Dave Shipman, August 08, 2014
When giving to the Church: pray; give responsibly; don’t go into debt; this is private, between you and God; and, give according to God’s leading. [more…]