This is an elder-led body: Bylaws adopted in 2014.

In the Bible, the leaders of the church were given authority to lead the church. They were called to pray fervently for the church and were responsible for the church’s direction. Beyond just being “congregational,” we want to make sure we’re biblical.

In the Bible we see the leaders teaching, preaching (Acts 2), collecting and distributing the money (Acts 4:34-35), delegating ministry tasks (Acts 6:1-7), commissioning missionaries (Acts 13:1-3), governing the affairs of the church, etc… We would like to follow that model, with godly leaders who love the Lord, read their Bibles, pray for the church and direct the various ministries within the church.

We also see the church granting them this authority and trusting their leadership (I Tim 5:17-20). We know that all people are sinful and make mistakes, and that’s why, as a congregational church, the members have the authority to remove a leader.

Elder Moments. These are intended as words of encouragement to the congregation, as well as guidance regarding the life of the church body.  [read more]