Elder Moments

Spiritual Gifts: What’s Mine is Yours (2016-10-18).  Our gifts aren’t something we create in ourselves, or drive ourselves to practice, like a talent or interest. It’s an outright gift from God; a result of His grace. And grace isn’t something we earn… [read more]

His Mission (2016-04-02).  Our Mission is to love God. If we love God, we’re to learn and teach His Word. [read more]

Love God (2015-11-22). Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.'” [read more]

The Local Body: Stewards of the Mission (2015-09-27). This building is a gift from God, provided through those who came before us, some of whom sacrificed greatly to finish the task the Lord placed before them. This body is here to carry on that task. [read more]

The Local Church: a Missions Outpost (2015-09-20). The Holy Spirit will provide wisdom and understanding of purpose for this body, in this church, planted in this community. [read more]