Elder Moment – 2015-09-20

The Local Church:  a Missions Outpost

Elder Moment – 2015-09-20

This week, we introduced something we’re calling the “Elder Moment.” These are intended to be very short presentations by one of the elders, as God leads us to bring things to the attention of the Body here at PECC.

In this first “moment,” we asked everyone to be in prayer and listening to Holy Spirit’s lead on understanding the purpose of the gift of the church building we have. In addition to recognizing it as a gift from God, who prompted members of the church in the 1950s to risk their own financial security to build it, we have a responsibility as stewards of this gift.

To keep all of this in proper perspective, we need to remember the purpose of this gift. He didn’t give it to us only as a meeting place. We could think of it as a Missions Outpost. From this place, we’re to engage with the local community, whether at work or play, even how we drive and vote, all with the ultimate purpose of being part of God’s plan to spread His Gospel. Effectively, when we leave through the doors of the sanctuary, we’re entering our mission field.

While considering this as a Missions Outpost is one way of remembering our purpose and that of this church building, it also might help to think of it as a Forward Operating Base. An FOB is the last safe place for soldiers on their way to the front line. It’s also a place of rest for those returning from duty, where they can be rejuvenated and prepared for the next operation.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will provide wisdom and understanding of purpose for all of us, and that we’ll be ready to respond according to God’s will.