Elder Moment – 2015-09-27

The Local Body:  Stewards of the Mission

PECC Elder Moment – 2015-09-27

Last week, we introduced the Elder Moment, along with the request to you all to be in prayer regarding the Lord’s will and purpose of this church, specifically this building in which we’re meeting. It was suggested that we might consider this place an outpost for missions operations within the local community.

This week, we’d like to draw your attention to the aspect of stewardship. We need to recognize that this place is a gift from God, provided through those who came before us, some of whom sacrificed greatly to finish the task the Lord placed before them.

Is a steward the same as a care-taker? Looking at the Parable of the Talents (or Gold), in Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus provides a stark contrast between a care-taker and a steward. A care-taker appears to be one who maintains something while the owner’s away, keeping the valuable in a dormant state until it’s needed again. A steward is more than a care-taker: he not only maintains, but puts the valuable to good use on behalf of the owner.

When it comes to this church, are we just care-takers, or are we stewards? If we’re to accept Jesus’s teaching on this subject, based on the amount of teeth gnashing of the care-taker after the master returns, we probably want to be in the stewardship camp!

We all need to be more intentional with our awareness of the needs of this valuable. Maintenance is part of the equation, but we’re to keep in mind that everything we do has a long-range purpose behind it, specifically that it’s intended to be used to glorify God.

As part of that awareness, we’d like to present a few maintenance needs that we need help with:

• The driveway behind the church needed reinforcement and paving. That came to $2,400, but private donors have provided about $1,500, leaving $900 for the church to cover.

• The front entry of the church needs repair, leveling and a safer surface. That project will come to about $1,600.

• In the spring, we’ll be having the sanctuary carpet cleaned, and the pews treated with Scotchguard. That will cost us about $2,100.

The total for these projects is about $4,500 over the next 5 months. Rounding to a typical Sunday attendance looks like about 45 people. If each of us is able to provide an extra $100 over the next 5 months, we’ll be able to easily cover these projects. Doing some simple math, that looks like just $20 more per month, or $5 per week if one needed to spread this out.

Please pray for guidance from the Lord as to how much help you can provide with these projects.