Creating an Audio CD

  1. This assumes the use of iTunes for creating audio CDs. If iTunes needs to be installed on the local computer, click here to install iTunes.
  2. This also assumes the local computer’s got a CD recorder (or “burner”). If this machine doesn’t have a burner, please feel free to submit an audio CD request to one of the members of the People’s Church Sound Crew.
  3. Finally, blank CDs are needed. One source for these CDRs is Staples, where one may obtain a 10-Pack of 700MB (80 minute), R (record once). This link may work: search for CD-Rs.
  4. Assuming the above assumptions may be assumed, please continue…
  5. Download the desired MP3 title from this site (right-click on the title, and choose Save Target As… or Save Link As…, depending on the web browser being used).
  6. Create a playlist for the CD: File; choose New Playlist; enter a name for the playlist (for example, “Peoples Church”).
  7. Select the MP3 title that will go to the CD, and drag that into the new playlist.
  8. Insert a blank disc in CDR drive.
  9. Right-click on the playlist, and choose Burn Playlist to Disc.
  10. For the Disc Format, select Audio CD.
  11. Click OK.